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Homey combines all your wireless and smart devices at home into a single, easy-to-use and smart system. Control your entire home with the free app for Android and iPhone, or with the the Homey Web App. Make all your devices work together in harmony, regardless of brand or technology: Homey supports 50.000+ devices from over a thousand different brands. Homey Pro is the most powerful version of Homey, making sure you can easily build the smart home of your dreams.

Your entire home in your pocket

With the free Homey smartphone app, you’re always a little bit at home. Receive notifications from sensors or doorbells, and control lights, locks, alarm systems and thermostats – wherever you are. But there’s more. The universally loved Homey smartphone app allows you to easily manage, control and automate everything at home. Set up devices, create scenes or invite new users: everything can be done from the palm of your hand, anywhere in the world.

Your home, your rules

Make your lights dim when you watch TV. Play your favorite music when you disarm your alarm on getting home. Shut down your home when getting to bed. Make the hallway light turn on when your doorbell rings – let your creativity run free! Combining and linking devices becomes child’s play with Homey Flow. Create Flows that combine your devices, internet services and music playlists. Homey Flow is integrated in the Homey app for your smartphone in an intuitive way, and is also available on the Homey Web App on your PC. Endless possibilities and freedom Homey Pro features 7 different wireless technologies: Zigbee, Z-Wave Plus, WiFi, Bluetooth, Infrared, 433MHz (Somfy, Nexa, Telldus….) and 868MHz. Homey talks with thousands of devices and services – and more are added on a daily basis through Homey’s open platform. Because Homey works with so many different wireless devices, you are never locked in to a single system or brand. This gives you the freedom to always select the device you want – now, and in the future. Through Homey Apps, new devices are integrated with unparalleled speed. Bring your home to life with the endless possibilities of Homey!

Control it your way

Control your home in the way YOU want. Homey has a free Smartphone App for iOS and Android, allowing touch control from anywhere in the world, next to a tablet app and a Web App for your PC. You can also talk with Homey. Homey features support for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to directly control your entire home – including devices that can’t do this on their own. Sometimes, having a real button is the best. Homey supports wireless buttons and remote controls, and allows you to use them for anything: install an ‘everything off’ button right next to your front door, or use a keyfob or remote to change the ambiance, and change light, music and temperature easily. Powered by Homey Flow, any button can perform any combination of actions!



Key Specifications:

  • Easily control your entire home through your smartphone, tablet, web app, Amazon Alexa and Google
  • Home Make devices work together seamlessly with Homey Flows
  • Supports thousands of popular devices and services
  • Future proof by its open App platform, to which new integrations are added daily
  • Connects with many popular products like Sonos, Philips Hue, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, IKEA Tradfri, Nexa, Alexa, Telldus, Google Home, Tado, Somfy, Xiaomi/Aqara, Fibaro, Qubino, Netatmo, Trust Smart Home, TP-Link, IFTTT, Nanoleaf, LIFX, Aeotec, Nuki, Danalock and many more (https://apps.athom.com)
  • Supported wireless technologies:
    • Zigbee
    • Z-Wave-Plus
    •  WiFi
    •  Bluetooth
    •  Infrared
    •  433MHz
    • 868MHz.


Supported Home Automation Protocols
Bluetooth Native
EnOcean No
IR infrared YES
KNX via IP Tunnel
RF 433 Mhz (X-10, Oregon...) Native
RF 868 Mhz (Chacon, VIsonic...) Native
RTS Somfy
TCP/IP Wired Ethernet No
TCP/IP Wireless Wifi Yes
Z-Wave Native
Z-Wave Plus
ZigBee Native
Software Compatibility
IFTTT Channel available
OpenHAB Binding
Voice Assistants Compatibility
Apple Home Kit Compatibility Yes
Amazon Alexa/Echo Compatibility Yes
oogle Voice Assistant - Golge Home Comaptibility Yes

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