Dongle USB Zigbee (Chipset EFR32MG13)


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Zigbee USB Adapter is designed for general use with PCs, laptops or minicomputers such as Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Odroid, Orange Pi and others. It is based on the EFR32MG13 SiLabs chip, which is an IEEE 802.15.4 / Zigbee 2.4 GHz microcontroller.

The Zigbee USB Adapter is preprogrammed with Network CoProcessor firmware and provides a USB interface through the CP2102N USB-UART bridge. When plugged into a computer, it shows up as a serial port. With an increasing number of Zigbee devices: Philips Hue, Osram, Iris, Ikea Tradfri, Xiaomi Aqara and others, it is interesting to use these products for Do It Yourself scenarios.

By using the Zigbee USB Adapter, you can communicate with these devices directly, using programming languages ​​like Node.js, Python and C or using plugins out of the box for different home automation platforms.

Note: This Zigbee USB dongle is Jeedom compatible with the ZIGBEE plugin (Beta) only.


  • Zigbee controller Globally recognized frequency of 2.4 GHz
  • Integrates the Zigbee EFR32MG13 compatible microcontroller
  • Works with popular home automation systems such as Jeedom, Home Assistant, openHAB, ...
  • Supports products from well-known manufacturers, eg. Philips Hue, IKEA Trådfri, OSRAM Lightify, XIAOMI Aqara and many more Zigbee products
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7/10, Ubuntu Linux, Raspbian USB interface with standard Silicon Labs NCP commands.
  • Easy to use as serial port on host machine (PC / laptop / single card computers) C, Node.js and Python libraries to create your own application



  • Power supply: via USB port
  • Rx sensitivity: -99dBm Max power Tx: 13dBm
  • Communication range: 200m
  • Radio frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Radio standard: IEEE 802.15.4 / Zigbee
  • Dimensions: 28 x 16 x 8 mm


Glavni krmilnik Združljivost
Vera Edge / Plus / Secure
jeedom compatible with the ZIGBEE plugin (Beta) only.
OpenHAB Compatible
Home Assistant Compatible
Tech Data
IP Rating IP20
Power Supply 5v DV via USB

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